DIY – Replace the Watch Battery

When you watch stops telling time, most people think, “Well, time for a new watch.” However this is not necessarily the case, because more often than not; your battery just needs replacing. Replacing the battery on your watch is very easy and can be done in a couple of different steps that we’ll cover together.

  1. Getting started: To prepare yourself for this task, you will need a set of small phillips head screwdrivers and a small pad to place the watch on. It is also a great idea to grab some ear cleaners or an old toothbrush to help minimize and clean any dirt particles that are already in the watch itself. After you collect the materials, turn the watch onto it’s face and set it on the pad, and undo the 2 to 6 screws with your screwdriver and lift the backplate from the watch. Some watches will have you pry the backplate from the watch with a flattip tool.
  2. Removing the gasket: After removal of the backplate, more often than not there will be a rubber gasket in the shape of a ring that will need to be removed in order to reach the battery slot. Once this is removed clean around the gasket insert to make sure no dirt or grime is left. Now set the gasket aside and look for the battery cover. It should have clip, cover, or screw holding it into place.
  3. Identify the battery: Once you have removed the battery cover, remove the battery as well by using a pair of plastic tweezers so you don’t cause an electrical short or shock yourself. Now pay close attention to the way the battery was placed in the battery slot (ie. which side is facing out), because the new battery will need to be put in the same way. Once the battery is out of the slot, inspect the battery to find the set of numbers and name of the battery. If you are having trouble figuring out what kind of battery it is, use the internet to find a similar battery or take the battery itself to any electronics store. Afterward purchase the same battery, or find one that will fit in your watch and remove one from the packaging to replace the one you took out.
  4. Putting it all together: After inserting the battery the proper way into the watch, put the battery cover back on and test the watch before putting everything else back to ensure everything is working properly before you have to take everything apart again. If the watch begins to work, the insert the gasket, pop the backplate in or screw it back on. Once that is complete you have finished replacing your very own watch battery and have saved time, money, and your favorite watch. Congratulations on becoming a watch repair expert!