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What To Wear To Zumba

The party atmosphere and workout benefits of Zumba has given it viral appeal among moms, college students, and other fitness fans across the world for years. As with any dance or exercise program, the first thing beginners want to know is what to wear to a session. A good place to start is to look for and watch the best Zumba DVD available to see what participants typically wear and what best suits different body types and tastes.

Zumba’s biggest selling point is that it’s fun — just like dancing at a party, but with less drunkenness and more healthy sweating. It’s always good to wear something comfortable to move around in, such as typical cardio workout gear: yoga pants or sweatpants, tank tops, T-shirts, sneakers, or other items of clothing that are stretchy or breathable. Shy beginners can cover up with layers or bare as much skin as they want.

For those who want stricter guidelines about what to wear or simply wish to support the people who started it all, the Zumba company itself sells a line of licensed Zumba wear. As the DVDs show, the ultimate Zumba-approved fashion styles include brightly colored and wildly printed tank tops, patterned leggings, graphic tees, capri pants, cargo pants, hoodies, and even flip flops (though the last is probably not recommended for wearing to Zumba class). Many of the tops are midriff-bearing and most look suitable for both the gym and the dance floor — which is not surprising, considering many Zumba enthusiasts are professional dancers themselves.

According to Business Insider, “Zumba just wants you to leave happier than when you walked in.” Anyone who is willing to work out and have fun should go for it. Loose or formfitting, black or neon hued, as long as the outfit does not hinder safety or comfort in any way, feel free to wear anything that feels right.

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